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        Differences between Forged Balls and High, Medium and Low Chromium Cast Balls

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        Ball mill steel ball from the production process, generally divided into two kinds: forging balls and cast balls, the following Hebei Deshuo New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce you about the difference between ball mill forging balls and cast balls. In order to enable users to choose the appropriate steel balls according to their actual situation.
        1. Material is different: forged ball material is high quality raw steel, and cast ball material is iron (added in production).
        Different amounts of chromium.
        2. The impact toughness is different: the impact toughness of forged ball is greater than 12-35j/cm2, that of cast ball is only 3-8j/cm2, and that of forged ball is less than 0.5%. The crushing rate of forged ball is less than 1%.
        3. Different heat treatment processes: forged balls are usually quenched with water or appropriate amount of quenching liquid, and cast balls are generally quenched with oil (medium and low chromium steel balls are generally not quenched).
        4. Hardness is different: forged ball surface hardness 56-65 HRC core hardness HRC54-62, cast ball surface hardness is basically based on chromium content and heat treatment to distinguish, the more the chromium content, the higher the hardness. The hardness of low chromium spheres is 40-45HRC, while that of high chromium spheres is 58-62HRC. The hardness of heart surface has little difference.
        5. Different working conditions: forging balls are suitable for wet grinding, semi-autogenous grinding machine with larger diameter, which can fully reflect the advantages of high toughness of forging balls. Casting balls are generally composed of scrap iron, scrap steel and some chromium and iron elements. They have strong abrasiveness and can be used in dry and wet grinding. Because of their low toughness, they are not suitable for 8M diameter.
        More than half self-grinding machine is used.
            Generally speaking, the surface of forged balls is smooth, compact and not easy to break, but the cost is high. At present, cast balls are the most widely used in China, with low cost and strong abrasiveness. In mills with diameter less than 5M, the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is remarkable.

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